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Self-Help Measures

The FTC recommends that consumers take several steps in order to minimize problems that they may have with respect to warranties. These steps include the following:

  • Read the Warranty Before Buying an Item: Consumers should read a seller’s full warranty and understand exactly what protection the warrant offers.
  • Consider a Company’s Reputation: Consumers who are unfamiliar with a company should consult with a local or state consumer protection office or Better Business Bureau.
  • Save Receipts Along with the Warranty: The receipt may be necessary to document that the a consumer is the original owner.
  • Perform Maintenance and Inspections That Are Required by the Warranty.
  • Use the Product According to Instructions Provided by the Manufacturer: Some forms of abuse or misuse of a product could void a warranty.
  • Attempt to Resolve a Problem Directly with the Seller.
  • Consider Filing a Claim in Small Claims Court: A dispute that involves less than a relatively small amount of money, such as $750, may be resolved in small claims court. Costs in small claims court are usually low, procedures are relatively simple, and lawyers are not necessary.

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