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The Division of Enforcement

The Division of Enforcement conducts a wide variety of law enforcement activities to protect consumers, including ensuring compliance with administrative and federal court orders entered in consumer protection cases, conducting investigations and prosecuting civil actions to stop fraudulent, unfair or deceptive marketing and advertising practices, and enforcing consumer protection laws, rules and guidelines. This division monitors compliance with commission cease and desist orders and federal court injunctive orders, investigates violations of consumer protection laws, and enforces a number of trade laws, rules and guides, including:

The Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule, which requires companies to ship purchases when promised (or within 30 days if no time is specified) or to give consumers the option to cancel their orders for a refund.

The Textile, Wool, Fur and Care Labeling Rules, which require proper origin and fiber content labeling of textile, wool, and fur products, and care label instructions attached to clothing and fabrics.

Energy Rules, which require the disclosure of energy costs of home appliances (the Appliance Labeling Rule), octane ratings of gasoline (the Fuel Rating Rule), and the efficiency rating of home insulation (the R-Value Rule).

Green Guides, which govern claims that consumer products are environmentally safe, recycled, recyclable, ozone-friendly, or biodegradable.

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